A Funny Conversation Between Lyndon B. Johnson and Muhammad Ali

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Lyndon B. Johnson Muhammad Ali
Hey there, Muhammad! Did you know that cryptocurrency is legal in the US now? Wow, really? I had no idea. I guess I need to jump on the bandwagon and start investing in some cryptocurrency.
Yeah, it’s crazy how fast things are changing. Speaking of rules and regulations, have you been following the World Cup knockout stage rules? Of course! It’s always interesting to see how the knockout stage pans out. It’s like a whole new tournament altogether.
Switching gears a bit, I’ve been trying to wrap my head around the definition of free trade agreements. It’s quite the complex topic. Definitely. It’s a crucial aspect of international trade and has its fair share of pros and cons.
By the way, do you happen to know if Saturday counts as a business day for USPS? I’ve been waiting for a package and it’s been driving me crazy. Haha, I can only imagine the frustration. Unfortunately, I’m not sure about that one. Maybe it’s time to give them a call.
And have you heard about the TPP agreement pros and cons? It seems like a hot topic lately. Oh yeah, it’s been all over the news. It’s a real game-changer in the world of international trade.
On a different note, have you ever read Lon Fuller’s «The Morality of Law»? It’s quite the thought-provoking read. I haven’t, but I’ll definitely add it to my list. It sounds intriguing.
Before I forget, are whippets legal in Michigan? I might want to get one as a pet. Haha, I think you should double-check that. You don’t want to run into any legal trouble.
Lastly, I’ve been looking into the IMC registration requirements for legal professionals. It’s a necessary step for career advancement. Definitely. Continuous learning and professional development are so important in our industry.
Oh, and speaking of legal matters, do you have any insights into whether puppy mills are legal? It’s a topic that’s close to my heart. I’m not entirely sure, but I hope stricter regulations are put in place to protect those innocent animals.
Lastly, let’s not forget about the new goalkeeper penalty rules. I’m sure you’ve got some thoughts on that, being a sports enthusiast. Oh, absolutely. It’s caused quite a stir in the world of football, and it’ll be interesting to see how it plays out in the upcoming matches.