Legal Conversations: Prince and O.J. Simpson

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Legal Conversations: Prince and O.J. Simpson

Prince: Hey O.J., have you ever wondered what’s the legal drinking age in Quebec?

O.J. Simpson: Yeah, it’s 18 years old, right? I remember reading about it in the India’s trade agreements as well.

Prince: Speaking of legal matters, have you seen the Indian Kanoon Supreme Court judgments lately? They provide some interesting insights into legal rulings.

O.J. Simpson: I haven’t, but I did come across some terms and conditions of service that were quite comprehensive. It’s always important to understand our legal obligations.

Prince: Absolutely, and when those obligations aren’t met, like when a contractor does poor work, it’s essential to know what to do and seek legal advice.

O.J. Simpson: That’s true. I recently had to seek legal advice for probate matters. It’s always helpful to have the right expertise on our side.

Prince: Definitely. And when it comes to international matters, like double taxation avoidance agreement countries, having a clear understanding of the legal implications is crucial.

O.J. Simpson: Absolutely, ignorance of the law is never a defense, and it’s essential to stay informed about legal matters, even in the UK.

Prince: It seems like legal knowledge and expertise are essential, whether it’s in local or international matters.